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Your Digital Marketing from A to Z!

Still short of time to master your online sales & marketing strategy and start using modern tools to lure those thousands of potential customers waiting for you in the Web?

Lay back, we’ll do it for you!

It’s hard to be a pro in every field, especially when thinking about digital marketing. Comparing all the available opportunities istself consumes loads of time, while implementing and adjusting proper tools occurs to be an even greater challenge. Sure, you can take all the time to  acquire all the necessary skills, but is it worth it, when you can use the advantage of our knowledge and experience. We will pick up the right set of tools for your business, test and push it on quickly to make it work for you.

1. We’ll build up your website

  • Eye catching
  • Fast and usable on any device
  • Loved by Google search engine
  • User-friendly

Toolset: WordPress, custom CMS, SEO, Google Analytics, BusinessApps, AdobeStock, Photo/Video sliders, Virtual Tours, etc

2. We’ll make your products and services become a name.

  • We’ll produce the whole range of POS (articles, photos, video, virtual tours)
  • Foster your Social Media community
  • Place your products and services on top of tade portals and catalogues

Toolset: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, trade portals, PR events, and so on

3. We will make your client communication clear.

  • We’ll tidy up your CRM and account base, make each customers’ behavior, needs and preferences familiar
  • Automate your marketing to make each client feel special
  • Implement an comprehensive set of sales tools meant to teach your business to adjust to every customer’s individual expectaions

Toolset: marketing automation – Salesmanago (official partner), Callpage, SMSapi, adaptive content (newsletters, pop-ups, widgets, SMS, webpush), and so forth

4. We will boost your sales with the righttoolset

  • We’ll adjust your e-commerce / booking / membership module to be but fun for the customers
  • Integrate your e-store with online payments and delivery services
  • Set up personalized promo triggers for all kinds of customers

Toolset: e-commerce (Woocommerce, Shoper), booking, reservations and membership modules, payments systems (Paypal, Dotpay, etc), delivery plug-ins (DPD, UPS), and more.

5. We’ll introduce your business to new clietns

  • We’ll launch and maintain your Social Media, Google Adwords campaigns to reach everyone looking for products and services like yours.
  • Boost customer loyalty and retention rates by smart remarketing campaign.

Toolset: Adwords, Facebook Ads, Gmail Ads, remarketing, RTB.

6. We will track and adjust your marketing efficiency

  • We’ll be constantly monitoring the efficiency of your competitors’ (and your own) marketing activities.
  • Observe and analyze the way your customers act on your website.
  • Figure out what customers around the web comment on your business, and react to those comments whenever necessary

Toolset: Google Analytics, Brand24, Semstorm, etc

7. We will make your business international

  • We’ll translate your website into any language
  • Enable prompt and agile translations of new content
  • Maintain multilingual PR and marketing communication
  • Set up promotional campaings adjusted to any language of any country

The ultimate toolset

Product and services presentations – online / mobiel / Virtual Reality

Websites based on WordPress, themes and plugins, customised solutions

Stock photos and videos, photo sessions, aerial video and photography

Dedicated mobile apps, communication via SMS / MMS / push

Virtual Tours, video 360, apps for Google Cardboard, Samsung, Oculus, Vive

Marketing Automation, client communication

Salesmanago Partner – we implement and optimise Marketing Automation

Salesmanago Partner – communication through Live Chat or Automatic Bot Chat

Callpage Partner – communication “we’ll call you back in 28 sec”

SMSapi Partner – communication via SMS, MMS, integration wiht Marketing Automation

E-commerce modules – orders, reservations, payments on-line

Woocommerce – on-line shops based on WordPress i Woocommerce

Woocommerce – reservations, memberships, subscriptions

DotPay Parner – payments on-line, quick transfers, credit cards

PayPal – quick on-line payments, on-line invoices with PayPal button

Content marketing publication, social media campaigns, monitoring

Social Media – content creation and publishing, photo, video, 360 panoramas, video 360

Targeted / remarketing campaigns in social media

Whitepress – content marketing publishing, PR activities

Brand24 – web and social media monitoring and analysis

Google – SEO, SEM, campaigns, monitoring and analysis, optimisation

Google Adwords – campaigns creating and optimising

Google Analytics – on-site traffic and effectivness analysis

Semstorm – competition, links, position and adwords analysis and comparing

SEO Pilot – SEO link building automation

Marketing toolset for hotels and hospitality industry

HotelSystems Partner – booking engine for hotels, price manager, website and PMS integration

Yieldplanet Partner – channel manager for hotels, PMS and booking engine integration

Booking.com and other channels – content creation and updates, channel manager integration

TripAdvisor and other services – monitoring, content creation, client communication, website integration

Check website examples

Website for hotel and golf club

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Online shop with jewellery

Visit website

One Page website for conference

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To start with, tell us the basic info about your business and let us know which of our services you’d like use first. We’ll contact back to you in a moment with a ready-to-serve offer.