Websites and marketing tools
for hotels and tourist facilities

Do you know that you can reach thousands of new customers via the Internet, but you do not have enough time to develop a strategy, select and implement modern marketing and sales tools?

We have prepared a toolkit dedicated to the tourism industry – for hotels, restaurants, apartments, holiday resorts, towns, tourist facilities and more.

Below you will find a list of tools and detailed information.

What tool we use

1 / Websites

2 / Pictures of objects and interiors

3 / Pictures and videos from the drone

4 / Virtual walks

5 / Panoramas for facebook

6 / Panoramic maps of the area

7 / Tourist guides

8 / Photographic maps of the area

9 / 3D models of the object and the environment

1 / Websites for hotels

  • We make websites for hotels taking into account the specificity of the industry and facility.
  • The pages are tailored to the client’s expectations and possibilities, from simple solutions such as a “business card of the facility” to complex pages.
  • We are implementing the Hotelsystems reservation engine.
  • We make materials for the website – photos, videos from the drone, virtual walks, maps, graphic materials (all of Poland, we cooperate with local photographers and drone operators).
Screenshots from the hotel website

2 / Pictures of objects and interiors

  • We make photos of objects and interiors on request.
  • The photos are subject to correction and retouching.
  • We make corrections and retouching of photos from the client.
  • We prepare photos for proper publication, websites are reduced and optimized.
Gallery – photo examples

3 / Photos and videos from the drone

  • We take photos of objects and the surrounding area from the drone.
  • We run a photo bank from the Tri-City and Pomeranian Voivodeship.
  • We make drone videos for websites.
Gallery – photo examples

4 / Virtual walks in hotels

  • We make 360 panoramic photos for virtual walks and Google Maps.
  • On the basis of photos, we prepare individual virtual walks – with a menu and easy navigation.
  • Walks work independently of the website, they can also be pinned on or connected to it.
  • We make aerial panoramas showing both the object and its surroundings.

Hotel Narvil, Serock

Klub Mila Kamień, Kamień

Restauracja M15, Sopot

5 / Panoramas on Facebook

  • 360 panoramas can be posted directly on Facebook, you can then view them while turning in the panoramic photo.
  • You can also post modified panoramas on Facebook – add subtitles, graphics, icons, signs to them.
  • Facebook panoramas can also be inserted into your website as shown in the example on the right.

6 / Panoramic maps of the area

  • Panoramas can be used as panoramic maps on websites and as separate walks, and in maps, for example, indicate infrastructure for tourists.
  • Advantages of panoramic maps:

    – They are made on the basis of current panoramic photos in high resolution.
    – They show the entire area, up to the horizon (!), So we can also show other attractions of the area, if they are not in the immediate vicinity of the facility and the distance to selected places.
    – We can place various multimedia in them – photos, videos, markings, graphics, etc., and also link any pages.
    – We can mark any points in them, show selected objects of infrastructure and surroundings – those that we want to emphasize.

7 / Tourist guides

  • Travel guidesWe make travel guides as part of the Visit Poland Online project on the basis of aerial panoramas..
  • Panoramic guides are an attractive tool for promoting tourism in the region. They allow you to see the area from the air, check the location of selected attractions and objects and visit some of them inside (provided that the facility has panoramas made inside).
  • We also make individual versions of guides for customers on the basis of aerial panoramas.
  • Individual versions of the guides can show only selected objects in the area, depending on the client’s needs. They can also be combined with panoramas from inside the facility thanks to the menu, which promotes both the facility and its surroundings.

8 / Photographic maps of the area

  • Drone maps can be used to present objects and areas in high resolution, it is an ideal alternative to the frequently used Google Maps.
  • The maps from the drone are up-to-date, they show the terrain in the way we want and in the conditions in which we take pictures.
  • Maps of the property’s surroundings may facilitate the planning of events and activities in the area.

9 / 3D models of the object and its surroundings

  • 3D models are made on the basis of photos from the drone.
  • They can be used to present objects and areas.
  • 3D models from the drone are up-to-date, they show the terrain in the way we want and in the conditions in which we take pictures.
  • 3D models of the facility’s surroundings can facilitate the planning of events and events in the area.


Websites we have completed for hotels
Hotel website
Website of the hotel
Website of the Sobienie Królewskie hotel

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